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Program used: PSP9


kit My Obsession – it can be bought at Digital Scrap World

my mask – right click to save

an image and a tube of your liking – I use the wonderful artwork of Lia from

* Open a 600*400 px. canvas. Save.

* Open paper 10. Resize to 600*600 px. (SmartSize). C/p onto your canvas. Close the original paper without saving.

* On your canvas go to the empty layer 1. Select all/float/defloat. Then Crop To Selection.

* Add a new layer above the paper layer. Flood fill with white.

* Apply my mask to this white layer with the following settings:

* Merge group.

* Apply a shadow.

* Open Cluster 2. Resize to 20%. C/p to the canvas. Close the original without saving.

* Move it a little to the right.

* The cluster already has a shadow applied, but you can add some more, if you like.

* Open the image and tube, you would like to use. I used Lia’s ( amazing artwork, so I started tubing/extracting the dog. C/p them to your canvas. Resize if needed. If you use the same images as me, then it wont be necessary.

* With the freehand selection tool trace around the round frame in the cluster. Go to the image layer and promote selection to layer. X-out the original image layer.

* If needed drag the promoted selection layer beneath the cluster.

* Be sure, that your tube is the top layer.

* Add a shadow to your tube.

* Add text and copyright information. A TIP: you write the copyright sign by holding down the ALT button and then typing 0169.

I used the following fonts:

Some Weatz Swashes for my name and Small Type Writers to the copyright info and the title “Pets”.

* Optional: I applied a gradient glow (with Eye Candy 6) to both my name and the copyright info.


The finished tag:

I hope you enjoyed!

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